When baby animals attack: Snow leopard makes Bronx Zoo debut

Perhaps I should just rename Viral Video Wednesday to Viral Videos of Baby Animals Wednesday. Because – once again – I'm sharing a video of a baby animal. This time, it's of the new snow leopard cub at the Bronx Zoo.

Snow leopards are one of my five favorite animals. (Oh, yes. I've ranked them. 1. Panda. 2. Cheetah. 3. Meerkat. 4. Snow Leopard. 5. Squirrel. Of course, these rankings can change whenever on a whim or when I see a new baby animal.) And the cub at the Bronx Zoo is spectacular. I would totally hug it except for the fact I don't like having my face clawed off.

So, give the video a look, share it, make someone's day a little better. If that doesn't quite do it, well I also have a video of a baby panda.

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