It's National Lazy Day: Let's sleep in and watch cartoons

I logged in to Facebook today and was happy to find out via mental_floss that today is National Lazy Day. Yes, it actually exists.

So, to celebrate National Lazy Day, or – as I normally call it – Saturday, I slept it and watched cartoons.

Of course, I caught up with Naruto Shippuden as new episodes are posted on Hulu Plus on Friday nights. But I also found the above little gem on YouTube – as it was highlighted as part of Geek Week.

Bee and PuppyCat – the above video – was created by Cartoon Hangover, which is part of Fredator Studios, which is responsible for The Fairly Oddparents and Adventure Time. And it has some definite similarities to Adventure Time. Which means it is awesome.

So, be lazy today, sit yourself down somewhere comfortable and catch the above cartoon.

As for tonight, well, it's also National S'mores Day. I think you know what to do there.

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