The five must-watch videos from Geek Week

YouTube has been promoting Geek Week since Aug. 4 and I've been right there with them, enjoying it to the fullest.

Below are five must-watch videos that have been unveiled during Geek Week so far:

1. Thursday was Gaming Thursday! And Polaris posted this great video reminding me of all the great times I had growing up playing video games with my brother and friends:

2. Buzzfeed – not to be outdone – posted this great video about comics:

3. Geek Week has coincided with Shark Week, which means that we have the return of this:

4. Geek Week also was perfect time for the geekiest NFL duo – the Manning brothers – to unleash this commercial:

5. And, maybe best of all, the new Muppets trailer came out:

Hope you all also have been enjoying Geek Week to its fullest. If you have fun videos that you've found this week on YouTube, please share them in the comments or on the Going for Gusto Facebook page.

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