Tales of Gusto: The clown wedding from your worst nightmare actually happened

Clowns are creepy. That's like the Fourth Law of Robotics or something. I'm not afraid of clowns, per se, but I wouldn't want to be alone in a room with one either.

What would be far worse, however, would be to be alone in a room with a lot of them. Like hundreds. While they are having a wedding. While I'm not normally afraid of clowns, a clown wedding would be a terrifying spectacle torn straight from the mind of Stephen King.

Except a clown wedding actually happened.

See for yourself:

Going for the gusto isn't about just things I like, though – or even things I find not-creepy. It's about being true to yourself and seeking the things that important for you. And for clowns in love – well, I suppose that means having a clown wedding with all the bad jokes, scary costumes and pratfalls that comes with it.

So, while I would have had to turn down an invitation from Billy Tedeski and his bride Patty Kulwicki on sanity reasons, I happily wish them all the best as a married clown couple and hope they have a wonderful clown life together and even clown children if that is what they want. (Shudder.) To pull off a wedding like that is truly going for the gusto. And I'm now going to go back to pretending clowns don't exist.

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