Tales of Gusto: The 16-inch Softball Hall of Fame

Tales of Gusto: The 16-inch Softball Hall of Fame

The playoffs begin tonight in the Chicago media 16-inch softball league I'm in. This has been my first season playing for the ChicagoNow team. It's also been my first time playing any sport with a bat and ball in any sort of organized way and the first time I've ever even seen a 16-inch softball.

Yeah, it's been a learning experience.

I'm still getting used to the whole no-gloves thing and just recently have begun to accept that the ball is not sentient and trying to intentionally hurt me. I caught a outfield fly for the first time last week (right field, of course) and held my own at first base for an inning (victory!).

I've also loved every minute of it. I count down the days to the next game every week. And as the season has progressed, I've gained more and more respect for those who play the game regularly and play the game well.

Luckily, there's a place that highlights all those who have played this game I've grown to love at the highest level: The 16-inch Softball Hall of Fame. As a beginning 16-inch softball player, I would like to tip my hat to all of the inductees. And if you like tales of gusto, I highly suggest you read some of their stories at the 16-inch Softball Hall of Fame website.

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