How I plan on incorporating a Mortal Kombat finishing move into my life through writing

How I plan on incorporating a Mortal Kombat finishing move into my life through writing
I also plan on wearing a Scorpion outfit at the moment I finish editing my book.

It's 8:37 p.m. on Monday night. I want to be in bed and asleep by 9 p.m.

But I have 600 words to write because I've set a weekly schedule in which I promised myself I would post 600 words worth of column on Going For Gusto on Mondays, so I'm going to sit here and write 600 words.

So there. If that's not a perfect start to a column, I simply don't know what one is.

"Welcome reader! This is a chore for me! Enjoy!"

OK. So not a perfect start. But also not a chore. Really. It's not. I'm now 15 minutes into writing and I'm quite enjoying myself. I do love writing once I finally sit my butt down and get to it. It did not – by the way – take me 15 minutes to get to this point. I came back and added in this part after rereading the opening sentence, realizing it sounded miserable, and – not wanting to take the time to rewrite it – coming to the decision to mix in this sentence and the one before it instead. I think there's a literary term for this. What is it? Ah, yes. Poor writing.

This column, however, is not about writing or chores or even – unfortunately – panda bears (don't doubt me; I could still make it happen.) It is about commitment.

(It could also be about planning ahead, such as why it would be beneficial to finish something that is due on Monday on either a Saturday or Sunday filled with free time. Or to – at the very least – think about what you want to write on said Saturday or Sunday. But it's not. It's about commitment. Because I thought of that first.)

I am committed to being a more committed person. As unwieldy as that sentence is, it's also something I'm serious about. To start a project. And – much more importantly – finish it.

I wrote a book about a year and a half ago. It's why I left my job at the newspaper. It was an important project to me. And, I basically finished the book.

Basically being the operative word.

I finished it saved for some minor tweaking and editing. And after I finished tweaking and editing it, I was going to try to get it published. A year and a half later, I'm still tweaking and editing it, and by "tweaking and editing it," what I really mean is that sometimes I think about tweaking and editing it.

It's time to finish the book.

And this column here is my key to finally finishing it. Because if I can keep my commitment to this blog and writing a 600-word column for every Monday, no matter how weird and rushed and awkward it is, then I can finish my book. And not just basically finish it. Finish it finish it. Which is much like a finishing move in Mortal Kombat, but with far less gore.

And it's not just the book. There are other projects to finish.

Teaching myself to play an instrument somewhat reasonably. I can play the guitar and piano. Very poorly. I would love to get that up to adequate. That might not seem like much of a goal to many, but I'm not naturally talented with music and – as such – adequate would be considered a success.

That anniversary present for my wife I started like six years ago. Seriously. Like six years ago. It's embarrassing. And I still have various pieces of it hidden away. So much time has passed, parts of it don't even make sense anymore. But I'm going to finish it. And present it to her. It will be super awesome. Oops. Sorry. Wrote that wrong. It will be super awkward. I might have to take video.

And there are many other projects that need finishing. But finishing commitments, like many things in life, are habitual. You have to get yourself in the habit of doing them.

It's not why this blog exists – to help myself form a habit of commitment. This blog exists to entertain you. But if while entertaining you I help myself along the way, then that's a win-win. So, that being said, see you next week. I might even write about panda bears.

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