Five cartoon villains you either forgot about or never knew existed

I watched a ridiculous amount of cartoons as a child. Some things about them I remember very well. Other things, not so much. The villains in particular were hard to keep track of because there always had to be more villains than heroes to keep the shows interesting. The following villains are ones I bet most of us have forgotten about in the years since the cartoons they were on last ran:

5. The Iodizer

Tiny Toons Adventures was one of the first cartoons that was ostensibly for children, but contained enough parodies and pop culture jokes to keep an adult entertained. The show took a great delight in its parodies and one of its best were the Immature Radioactive Samurai Slugs, a rip-off of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

But who would be a worthy arch-enemy for the Immature Radioactive Samurai Slugs? Possibly this guy?

Yes, that's the Iodizer – essentially a Morton salt can with muscular arms and legs. And a seemingly perfect foil for a group of slugs with samurai abilities. His ultimate downfall? Members of an Elk's Lodge looking for a salt lick. And this is why we all loved Tiny Toons Adventures.

4. Professor Monkey-For-A-Head


Easily the best name for a cartoon villain ever, this Earthworm Jim mainstay was named because – well – he had a monkey attached to his head.

Yes, a monkey attached to his head. According to his wiki, he was born that way. It's a family trait. Like red hair. But if red hair were able to throw feces.

I would like to know who came up with Professor Monkey-For-A-Head and shake his or her hand. Maybe give that person a made-up award. They deserve it.

3. Don Karnage

If Professor Monkey-For-A-Head had the best name ever for a cartoon villain, Don Karnage from Talespin most certainly had the best voice for a cartoon villain ever.

Imagine Hank Azaria from The Birdcage in the body of a wolf-thing in a pirate outfit.

Actually, you don't have to imagine. I can show you:

Totally Hank Azaria from The Birdcage.

Totally awesome.

2. Snowball


The natural progression from Tiny Toons Adventures, Animaniacs had its share of awesome villains.

The best of the bunch, however, was Snowball, a supergenius hamster who – like Brain – wants to take over the world, but for far more nefarious purposes. (As far as I could tell, Brain wanted to take over the world simply to do it. Though I suppose the same could have been said of Attila the Hun.)

The best part about Snowball, though?

He looks exactly like Don Rickles would if Rickles were an orange hamster.

1. Adolf Hitler


No. Seriously. Adolf Hitler. He was a villain in one episode of Captain Planet. He's also the only villain on this list that I don't remember seeing and I wasted an unhealthy amount of electricity as a child watching Captain Planet. (Take that planet!)

I happened across his cartoon wiki when doing research on the others on this list and sure enough it checked out. They didn't actually call him Adolf Hitler on the show, but they did call him a German dictator from the past. And while his end in the episode wasn't as satisfying as it was in Inglourious Basterds, the Planeteers did take care of business and stop his plot.

UPDATE: Somebody asked me last night why Adolf Hitler was my No. 1 favorite cartoon villain. I was – needless to say – horrified somebody thought that. So as a reminder, this is a list of cartoon villains I think most people don't remember, NOT a list of my favorite cartoon villains. If this were a list of my favorite cartoon villains, Mojo Jojo would be No. 1, not Adolf Hitler. Apes with big, visible brains who talk funny: YES. German dictators with bad mustaches who commit genocide: NO.

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