Fifty common misquotations: Mental Floss teaches you about what really was said is an awesome website. Filled with facts, I could spend hours learning random and interesting things about everything from beaches to escalators. Sadly, I do not have hours. I do, however, have seven minutes, which is about how long the above video is, which is from Mental Floss's YouTube site.

Some of the 50 common misquotations in the video I knew. Some I had no idea about. I  feel all smarter now, though, which should last until the next time I misuse a  quote. Knowing me, this probably will be in about 15 minutes. I can barely remember exactly what I said yesterday, much less what some philosopher said hundreds of years ago. (That's not exactly true. I  CAN'T AT ALL remember exactly what I said yesterday.)

As much as I'd like to think that one day I might get every quotation right, I know the odds are stacked against me. It might be Mark Twain's words I butcher today. It might be William Shakespeare who I cause to turn in his grave tomorrow. I don't even know if "turn in his grave" is the right way to phrase that. Somersault? Backflip? I know something is going on in the grave, but I just can't quite remember what it is.

Perhaps it doesn't even matter. Perhaps Ambrose Bierce put it best:

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