Tales of Gusto: Eoin Sinclair and an awesome piano version of a classic Daft Punk song

Tales of Gusto: Eoin Sinclair and an awesome piano version of a classic Daft Punk song

There are many ways to demonstrate gusto in one's daily life. Creating a piano version of Daft Punk's "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" while on vacation because you have nothing better to do certainly is among the ways. Which is exactly what Eoin Sinclair did.


You can check out his version at Noteflight, where you can listen to it and follow along with the sheet music (If you are  capable of doing so, that is. I am not. I see sheet music and think, "Wow. This person is INCREDIBLE at hangman. They solved every word puzzle on this sheet with just one missed guess.")

Sinclair emailed Mashable about his inspiration for creating his version in their story on him:

"I did it over a vacation, when I had nothing else to do. I just noticed that this song could be played by a solo keyboardist, and I thought it would turn out pretty well, and I had some extra time. I've had fun having it in my repertoire since then."

I have taken one piano class in my life. I can play The First Noel and about 15 percent of the Jurassic Park theme. Oh, and the easy part of chopsticks. Needless to say, I'm in awe of people who can do what Sinclair did. But what makes Sinclair stand out is that he did it.

We all are blessed with talents specific to us. What's important is that we use those talents (unless you're Genghis Khan) to have fun and see what we are capable of. Sinclair did so. And so can you.

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