Nayembi, a baby gorilla at Lincoln Park Zoo, is the cutest animal ever

I told myself recently that I was going to devote less time on Going for Gusto on baby animals. Then I saw the above video of Nayembi, the baby gorilla at Lincoln Park Zoo, and I realized, "Who am I kidding? Of course, I'm going to keep posting about baby animals."

Just in case people haven't seen the video elsewhere (the Chicagoist beat me to the punch four days ago), the world must know about Nayembi, the baby gorilla. Needless to say, Nayembi sets a new standard in the video for looking cute while eating broccoli – a standard previously set by nobody at all.

So adorable. In fact, let's just go ahead and claim it.


(We will not be taking debate on this. Unless you have an equally cute baby animal video. Then sure, why not?)

I go to Lincoln Park Zoo frequently during the warmer months – so unlike with most cute baby animal videos – I'll actually get to visit Nayembi in person. Or would that be in gorilla? In primate? Let's just go with in homininae. I'm starting to confuse myself.

And – with that – I hope to see Nayembi eventually grow up into a not-as-cute, but still somewhat cuddly looking adult gorilla. Maybe at that point she won't be able to eat broccoli quite as adorably. But who knows? I'm sure amazing developments are happening all the time in the science of eating broccoli in a cute fashion. I'm giving adult gorilla Nayembi a chance to set the new standard.

In any case, I'm looking forward to visiting the zoo again soon and paying a visit. You can find out more about the zoo by visiting its website.

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