Finding Dory announced: Please, Pixar, stop making unnecessary sequels

Finding Dory announced: Please, Pixar, stop making unnecessary sequels

I love Pixar – I think it's one of the best entertainment companies on the planet – but I really need them to stop making sequels to already fantastic movies. The latest sequel to be announced is Finding Dory, a Finding Nemo sequel that is scheduled for November 2015, according to the Washington Post.

Pixar has made one truly worthwhile sequel – Toy Story 3. The others have been fine, but ultimately were unnecessary. Nobody's life became markedly better because he or she got to hear more talking cars. Well, maybe a 5-year-old's, but one could probably accomplish the same thing in a much cheaper fashion with a bag of jellybeans.

Pixar has some of the most unique storytellers in the movie industry today, and now at least half the time is being spent on sequels or prequels in the case of the upcoming Monsters University.

Will I watch Monsters University. Yes. Will I watch Finding Dory. Yes. Monetarily, my argument makes no sense whatsoever. I realize that. But – strictly as a selfish consumer – I'd much rather see Pixar spending that time working on creating something original, something that could affect me the way Wall-E and Up did.

Maybe this has something to do with Pixar being a part of Disney (Motto: MONEY!). Maybe it would have happened even if Pixar wasn't a part of Disney (Motto: MONEY!). It's hard to look away from sequel money and all the easy promotion that comes with it, especially if it's adequately done, which Pixar is more than capable of. I just hope this isn't the beginning of a downward slide for Pixar. Disney went down this path once, too. And we ended up with the Return of Jafar. Let's not forget that. The lesson, not the movie. You can go back to forgetting the movie.

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