One of the Monopoly pieces has to disappear like the horse: Ranking them from best to ugh

One of the Monopoly pieces has to disappear like the horse: Ranking them from best to ugh

Hasbro has decided to replace one of the Monopoly pieces. But not wanting to seem like a totalitarian board game dictator, it is allowing Monopoly fans to decide which piece gets thrown out on the harsh streets of Baltic Avenue. You can vote on both the piece to throw out and the piece to replace it on Facebook.

As someone who still is sad that the cannon and the man riding a horse were thrown out – two of the best pieces in the game – I thought it would be fun to rank the remaining pieces from "I reached into the box first. Bwahahaha!" to "Really, you're going to be that?" So, here we go:

I reached into the box first. Bwahahaha! – Battleship: One of these objects can destroy the rest. That's the battleship. How is this even a debate?

Well, second pick isn't that bad! – Car: If you can't destroy the rest of the pieces, at least you can zoom around the board while making engine sounds. Perhaps this is why nobody wants to play Monopoly with me.

Still good pieces left. It's all good. – Scottie Dog: The people's favorite so far. I'm OK with the Scottie Dog. It could destroy the shoe and the hat, at the very least.

Hmmm. Let me think here. – Thimble: Had to admit this, but I've always kind of had a soft spot for the thimble – like the dog at the pound that nobody else wants to adopt.

Wait a second! Did we already start picking pieces? – Wheelbarrow: The poor man's car. Literally.

I'm just going to look under the board to see if a different piece might be there – Boot: It's just feels too much like you're playing with Thing's third cousin, twice removed.

Ugh. Can't I just make my own piece? – Hat: I think I just have something against playing as apparel.

Really, you're going to be that? – Iron: But not as much as I have against something I NEVER use, but know I SHOULD. Yeah, just what I need when playing a board game. Guilt. Throw the iron out, people.

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