McDonald's to offer Mighty Wings in Chicago: One problem, they're not fast food

McDonald's to offer Mighty Wings in Chicago: One problem, they're not fast food
McDonald's is selling its Mighty Wings at 500 Chicago area restaurants. (McDonald's photo)

McDonald's is well known for offering strange foods that probably shouldn't be offered in a quick service restaurant – items like pizza, gazpacho and banana pie. (No, I am not making those last two up. The link leads you to a HowStuffWorks article on them.) With their newest offering, McDonald's is heading into the world of wings.

According to a Chicago Tribune story:

Beginning this week, Mighty Wings, will be available at nearly 500 Chicago area McDonald's locations, the Oak Brook-based burger giant confirmed Monday. The wings are sold in three, five and 10-piece portions with ranch or buffalo sauce, starting at $2.99.

McDonald's, McDonald's, McDonald's.

Wings are not fast food.

Wings are the ultimate big game food – a way to keep your hands occupied while rooting for your team. They're not something you buy from a drive-thru window and eat on your way home.

I have nothing against wings, In fact, I love wings. They're cheap. They're tasty, especially when slathered with sauce. But they are not lunch – unless, of course, you like to be still hungry afterward.

McDonald's, stick with what you're good at – burgers, chicken nuggets and fries. And don't even think about adding flatbread to the menu.

Update: I decided I couldn't write about this without actually trying the Mighty Wings. So I just got a box of three at lunch for $2.99. (Yes, that's a buck a wing. No, you should never pay a buck a wing.) I stand by everything I wrote. McDonald's, stick with hamburgers. (I also tried the grill onion cheddar, which I really liked. Sauteed onions make everything better. I also feel incredibly guilty now since I try to eat healthy for most meals. Back to salads for the rest of this week.)

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