How to find out the back story behind many video games in just about a minute

I have and always will be a video game nerd. I don't love video games, though, just for the button-mashing joy of them. I love video games – most of all – for the story they have to tell – even a game like Madden, in which the story is how I took my beleaguered Buffalo Bills and led them to the Super Bowl. Ah, wonderful fantasy.

I especially enjoy the back story behind video games, which sometimes can be hard to surmise from the game itself. Happily, the other day I stumbled upon the YouTube channel Lore in a Minute, which tells the back stories of many video games in fun one-minute animations.

I've included the video to its back story for Portal above, but there are 61 other videos to choose from ranging from newer games like Halo to classic gems like Metroid. I've watched about 15 of them so far. I'm sure I'll get to the next 45 or so in the next few weeks.

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