Dubstep Violin Original: The newest Winter Olympics sport is invented

We all can agree that ice dancing is the worst Olympics sport ever invented – even worse than dressage, in which horses compete to see which one could be the best at a fancy dress party. Figure skating is fun to watch. They jump around. They spin really fast. Sometimes they fall. Ice dancing is like "Dancing with the Stars" except the dancing is less interesting and there are no stars.

I was watching the above YouTube viral video – Dubstep Violin Original – this morning when I figured out what could replace ice dancing. In the video, the woman playing violin tries her very best to dance around while playing  a violin – not an easy task. Pick up a tennis racket, hold it to your chin and try to do some sexy dance moves. You will fail. Or you will launch a new comedy routine. Those are your only options.

But it got me thinking about how awesome it would be do see her try to play violin on ice skates. And – so far – we have NO Olympic sports that include the participants making music. (Armpit farting was removed in 1952.) Could you imagine trying to perform a routine on ice skates while playing a violin? The level of difficulty would be stratospheric. I'm picturing at attempted jump in my mind and I'm loving it.

This needs to happen. IOC, get on it.

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