2013 the year of the 'phablet': Other words that probably should never be used again

I was reading a Reuters story yesterday in which 2013 was called the "Year of the Phablet," a phablet being a terrible name to call a device that is part phone, part tablet. (A Samsung Galaxy Note supposedly is one. I'm always three years behind in owning new technology so I'm just going to take Wikipedia's word on this.)

However, in three years, when I finally own one, I do know that I'm going to refuse to call it a phablet, preferring instead to refer it to as my oversized phone or a tiny computer.

This also got me thinking about other words I think shouldn't be used. Let's go through them:

1. Rightsizing: Yes, it sounds (somewhat) better than downsizing. Yes, sometimes a company does need to become smaller to maintain its profits. However, this is a terrible word to describe the loss of employment and should NEVER be used.

2. Cloud computing: Until this involves actual clouds, I'm going to continue to call it sharing stuff on the Interwebs.

3. Interwebs: Yeah, guilty as charged. It's just so much fun to say, though!

4. Yolo: We couldn't just stick with carpe diem? Okay, yes carpe diem is maybe more than slightly pretentious. But it also doesn't sound like a new yogurt store – so it has that going for it.

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