The Going For Gusto top 10 posts of the year

On the last day of 2012, we're going to keep it in house and review the year in posts at Going For Gusto. We'll be taking a look at the 10 most viewed posts this year, as well as what I think were my best 10 posts of the year. Let's get on to the show:

Most viewed posts at Going For Gusto in 2012 (as measured by unique pageviews)

1. Five keys to success at Words With Friends: The runaway winner with more than 40,000 unique pageviews and 2,100 Facebook likes and shares.

2. The 5 best podcasts to listen to on your commute: The Stuff You Should Know guys rocketed this one up to the top by promoting it on their Facebook page.

3. ESPN's NBA Trade Machine returns: Five trades that should be made today: It turns out "ESPN NBA trade machine" equals search engine gold.

4. 2012 Team USA vs. 1992 Dream Team: Who wins?: For someone who doesn't write about sports a lot, my sports entries are regularly my best viewed.

5. ESPN's NBA Trade Machine: Could James Harden land with the Bulls or Lakers?: See above two entries.

6. Bacon shortage predicted for 2013: 5 ways you can help: Happily, it doesn't look like any of those ways will be needed. Unless, of course, you're just worried about your arteries or something crazy like that.

7. The RNC: Clint Eastwood, 'Invisible Obama' and waiting for Mitt Romney's solutions: I have Fark and Politico to thank for picking this one and helping it get views. It also got me on Chicago Tonight, where I looked like I had never been on TV before because, well, I hadn't, so, um, yeah.

8. Should Sarah Palin really be calling anybody a dingbat?: Like sports, I try not to write about politics that much either. Hmmm.

9. 100 foods to eat before you die ... and where to find them in Chicago: Abalone to Biscuits and Gravy: My 100 foods to eat before you die ... and where to find them in Chicago series did well a whole, but this is the only one to make the top 10 as an individual entry.

10. Drunk Baby: How you, too, can jump on a meme bandwagon: A surprising number of people look up "drunk baby" on Google. And that's all I'm going to say about that.

Best 10 posts at Going For Gusto in 2012 (as measured by my random whims)

(The two most meaningful posts I wrote this year were Screw you, cancer: Another life taken much too young and A grandmother's love: Like milk for hot chocolate, which were about people in my life who died in the past year, but I didn't want to lump those together with my usual writings.)

1. Stan Van Gundy: I'll miss you, my frumpy favorite coach: An ode to a great, great man.

2. Let's beat the heat with National Water Sprinkler Day: I still am very much in favor of this movement.

3. The half-full glass and the power of positive thinking: I liked the message in this one.

4. How Finding Nemo can make your relationship stronger: I love that little fish.

5. Lessons politicians should learn from the Olympics: As evidenced by the fiscal cliff fiasco, politicians obviously are not listening to me.

6. 88 books that shaped my life: Maybe my favorite post I put together this year.

7. Three potential sequels to 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter': My favorite part was putting a photo of Teddy Roosevelt next to the Predator.

8. It's worse than you thought: The NFL replacement referees throughout history: It didn't get a ton of views, but I really enjoyed putting this together.

9. Python hunting in Florida: 5 reasons it's a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad idea: I stand by these thoughts.

10. The Christkindlmarket in photos: Proof that everything tastes better in a boot: I love doing funny photo series. I hope to do more of them in 2013.

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