Mayan Apocalypse Week: Time to pick out your last meal

Mayan Apocalypse Week: Time to pick out your last meal

This week at Going for Gusto, we're celebrating Mayan Apocalypse Week. Supposedly, the Mayan calendar predicted that the world is going to end Friday, Dec. 21. Or there's going to be a big party. Or something. It's all very confusing.

While nobody really believes this is going to happen, it does give us a chance to reflect on how we might want to spend our final week on Earth if we knew that was all we had. And as the shooting at Sandy Hook reminded us so clearly, we are never promised tomorrow. So, this week, we'll be going through a thought exercise of sorts by examining those things that are most dear to us. The questions we'll be answering are as follows:

Monday: What one place would you go this week if the world ended Friday?

Tuesday: What movies, books or music would you be sure to enjoy before the Mayan Apocalypse?

Wednesday: What are the last meals you would delight in before the Mayan Apocalypse?

Thursday: How would you spend your last full day on Earth if the world ended Friday?

A few of my fellow bloggers at ChicagoNow are joining me this week as we explore these questions. You can add your answers, as well, either in the comments below or on the Going for Gusto Facebook page. On to today's question:


Joe Grace (Going For Gusto): So many foods left to eat, so little time. I'd have to go with a childhood favorite – kielbasa with potatoes and green beans – as well as an entire black olive pizza (at least I won't have to worry about what I eat!), the mind-altering steak I had in Paris and all the French silk, pumpkin and cherry pie I could eat without feeling too bloated for the Mayan Apocalypse. Washed down with giant glass of chocolate milk, of course.

Shannan (Tween Us): Brunch is far and away my favorite meal, and I would love a refined brunch Smörgåsbord featuring the world's fluffiest pancakes, nice and thick French toast (or maybe the croissant French toast from Suzette's Creperie in Wheaton), mushroom omelets, tons of fresh fruit, sausage and bacon and of course, a bottomless mimosa.  If the meal was dinner, I'd go with a Thanksgiving dinner, and that includes some crazy delicious mashed potatoes, stuffing made from my great-grandmother's recipe, turkey and a dessert that includes a ton of whipped cream. In fact, I'd even be okay with you skipping the pie, as long as I could have the whipped cream. It would be far tastier if I could enjoy this meal with friend and family, just like Thanksgiving.

My 10 year old would have candy. Just candy, but lots and lots and lots of it.  My husband wants for one meal the perfect plate of drunken noodles and another meal of chili lime pork chops, raspberries, corn and black forest cake.

Amy Litterski (Scribbling of Thoughts): 1) Home made pierogi made by my mom or aunt from my grandma’s recipe. (FYI — in case you were unaware — a pierogi is basically a Polish ravioli or potsticker. Except filled with sauerkraut. Shocker. However, if you live in Chicago, you probably know what these are, so never mind.)

2)  Carne Asada a la Tampiquena from Maria’s up on the Northwest side with a hefty side of their chips and salsa. Actually, I’d be eating chips and salsa throughout this whole eve of the apocalypse, now that I think of it.

3) Sushi from Sushi Wabi even though they don’t exist anymore, which maybe does make me re-think the apocalypse theory.

4) Taco Bell. No judgments. I want one more lopsided Mexican Pizza before I die.

5) My aunt’s mother-in-law’s delicious Greek cheese pies (not Spanakopita, sorry if I butchered that spelling) but these other little delights that somehow seem to disappear when I am at a family party. Whoops.

6)  A burrito from the place that is only and WILL ALWAYS ONLY BE known as “the place in Wrigleyville under the EL.” So delicious.

7) A pizza puff from Five Faces. Hey, we're all kicking the bucket anyways, might as well load up on the preservatives.

8) The Mongolian Beef from China Chef in Morton Grove. Great staple. The décor in the place makes you feel like you’re back in 1979, but I could care less.

Basically, you can see I don’t want any “foie gras with a beet juice reduction served over frites” or something fancy. I want my comfort food. And I am perfectly fine with that. If we make it through the weekend, I’ll treat you all to some pierogi.

B and P's Mama (The Amazing, Affordable Adventures of Mama, Bunny, and Pip): Joe Grace, a ChicagoNow blogger who writes Going for Gusto, asked us to write about what our last meal would be before the Mayan Apocalypse.  I wasn’t going to participate because I couldn’t think of a favorite food or favorite restaurant or any of those things off the top of my head.  But since it’s all conjecture anyway, since the world is most likely not ending in two days and I won’t actually be seeking out a last meal that would be readily available, I will indulge in a fantasy.  I will tell you that if I could have any meal I wanted, it would be spaghetti cooked by my grandmother and served on her white Corelle Livingware with the little blue design along the edge on the vintage metal dining table (that was not at all vintage when she bought it) in the dining room of her little Florida house that could barely accommodate us but that somehow never felt overcrowded.

Now it's your turn. Submit your answer to this question in the comments below or at the Going for Gusto Facebook page.

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