Mayan Apocalypse Week: How will you spend your last day?

Mayan Apocalypse Week: How will you spend your last day?

This week at Going for Gusto, we're celebrating Mayan Apocalypse Week. Supposedly, the Mayan calendar predicted that the world is going to end Friday, Dec. 21. Or there's going to be a big party. Or something. It's all very confusing.

While nobody really believes this is going to happen, it does give us a chance to reflect on how we might want to spend our final week on Earth if we knew that was all we had. And as the shooting at Sandy Hook reminded us so clearly, we are never promised tomorrow. So, this week, we'll be going through a thought exercise of sorts by examining those things that are most dear to us. The questions we'll be answering are as follows:

Monday: What one place would you go this week if the world ended Friday?

Tuesday: What movies, books or music would you be sure to enjoy before the Mayan Apocalypse?

Wednesday: What are the last meals you would delight in before the Mayan Apocalypse?

Thursday: How would you spend your last full day on Earth if the world ended Friday?

A few of my fellow bloggers at ChicagoNow are joining me this week as we explore these questions. You can add your answers, as well, either in the comments below or on the Going for Gusto Facebook page. On to today's question:


Joe Grace (Going For Gusto): I'd want it to be a fairly normal day. Wake up. Good breakfast. And then spend the rest of the day outside with my loved ones. I'd finish the day by watching the stars come out for the final time while sharing stories with those same loved ones throughout the night. I think that would be a great final day.

Crystal Intini Alperin (Parenting Without A Parachute): If Friday really is my last day, I want to spend it warmed by the sun on a white sand beach. I want to smell hot, sweaty sunscreen-slathered bodies and feel the soft, yet gritty sand beneath my toes. I'll memorize my daughter's salt water matted long hair, my middle son's mischievous mask of freckles, my youngest son's perpetual smile and sparkle, the feel of their arms sliding around my body and the sound of their laughter as they jump the ocean's waves. I long to feel the sun's rays dancing across my skin, tracing a path straight into my soul. Each ray will soothe me, calm me, remind me that I am loved and that I have loved others as much as it is possible to love. I'll float in the water, close my eyes and slowly drift away.

Yoga Mom (Ups and Downs Of A Yoga Mom): If the world ended Friday I would fly my family and friends to Hawaii to celebrate the last day in paradise.

Robert Tannahill (Opinions That Can Get You In Trouble): OK. If the end times came, I would want to go to Scotland, Edinburgh to be precise, which is the town of my ancestors. I would try to find the Tannahill Weavers, who I am related to by blood though I've never met them. I would drink until the end came directly and -- watching it as it rushes toward me -- I would drop the bottle, kiss my wife and tell her, "OK, baby, it's time to go." We would grip each other and the end would take us and we would mingle with the energies of the universe.

Kim Z. Dale (Listing Toward Forty): I'd love to say I'd do something exciting and dramatic, but if I knew the world was really going to end I would want to spend my last full day with my husband and children. I would hug them for every moment I could and not let go. And I'm sure I'd be crying. Kind of like I am now just thinking of such a thing. Mayans suck.

Bill Gaul (Just Getting Started): I would spend the day on Big Crooked Lake in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.  I would be up at dawn, out for bass with a thermos full of coffee.  I would return to the rumblings of my wife, four kids and two dogs.  We would spend the rest of the day swimming, boating and fishing.  The day would end fireside surrounded by the ones I love, in the place I am most at peace.

Shannan (Tween Us): For my final day on this amazing planet as we know it, pre-apocalypse, I'd love to spend some time at the beach on one of those perfect warm but not too hot days. I'd love to see my daughter play in the waves, take a walk while holding my husband's hand, spend some time with my family, and have an amazing cookout with friends and family watching the sunset, as well as maybe some fireworks at the very end before going out with a bang.

Jenna Karvunidis (High Gloss and Sauce): If the world were ending Friday, I'd get up Thursday morning and feed my kids scrambled eggs. I'd clear the dishes and wipe the sink. I'd run the vacuum, then sing Jingle Bells for the 500th time and read The Giving Tree twice in a row, like always. At lunch, I'd fix peanut butter sandwiches and kiss boo-boos and break up fights and answer questions like, "what are legs made out of?" The truth is, someone's world will end Friday. Cars crash, people get sick, coronary arteries suddenly get blocked. We have to live every day not knowing how much time we have, but living any way. Thankfully, I'm happy with my choices. I'm surrounded by people I love. If the world ends on any day of the week, I'll go out wiping noses and kissing cheeks, just like every day. Really, we never have any more than right now.

Now it's your turn. Submit your answer to this question in the comments below or at the Going for Gusto Facebook page. If you don't have an answer, please visit the Facebook page and like it anyway. It would make me happy.

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