10 things I learned during my Thanksgiving break in southern Indiana

10 things I learned during my Thanksgiving break in southern Indiana
Saying grace before carving the turkey at Thanksgiving dinner in the home of Earle Landis in Neffsville, Pa. (Photo by Marjory Collins, photographer for Farm Security Administration.)

I just got back to Chicago yesterday after spending three days in southern Indiana with my family for Thanksgiving. As I do during every trip back to my hometown, I brought a few lessons learned back with me:

1. I should really wear a "Nerd Patrol" badge upon arriving home: As always, the first thing I do when I get to my mom's house is fix something on her computer. I could complain, but I'm about to be fed a Thanksgiving meal so I happily fix the problem and move on to dinner.

2. Sirius is a necessity when driving through southern Indiana or southern Illinois: So happy we went for the rental car with Sirius rather than shuffling through non-existent radio stations in that area. And – yes – when I write 'non-existent,' I am including country stations.

3. Cauliflower is no substitute for potatoes: My mom and I are both watching what we eat so we decided to go for mashed cauliflower instead of mashed potatoes this year. It tasted like – well – cauliflower. Not quite sure what I expected, but I thought the mashing process might magically transform cauliflower into delicious. It doesn't.

4. You can eat 20 rolls without turning into one: Tested. Approved.

5. Ben Affleck is now officially an awesome director: Went and saw "Argo" with my wife and a hometown friend on Saturday. It was amazing. The Mayans really are going to destroy the world, aren't they?

6. Thanksgiving is better with chicken: I don't like turkey, so my mom roasted a chicken, as well. I was the only one who ate from it. It was my chicken.

7. At age 31, I'm still very spoiled: See above.

8. It's really weird to run into a kid you used to babysit who now is an adult: Aren't you supposed to be like 10? Did you recently run into that machine from Big or something?

9. Black Friday is evil: OK, so I already knew this, but it was confirmed after my wife had to wait an hour in a line at Express. Luckily, I was waiting in a line at Macy's at the same time in which every person had to complain about the pricing, so I was able to pass the time smoothly.

10. I have much to be thankful for: Great family. Great friends. Great food. Great fun. I'm a lucky, lucky man who just so happens to like alliteration.

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