Baby gorilla makes debut at Lincoln Park Zoo – 5 reasons you should stop by and visit

Baby gorilla makes debut at Lincoln Park Zoo – 5 reasons you should stop by and visit
Sixteen-year-old Rollie holds her new baby, an as-yet unnamed female born last week at Lincoln Park Zoo. (Phil Velasquez, Chicago Tribune / November 19, 2012)

Lincoln Park Zoo is debuting its newest addition today – a baby western lowland gorilla. As you can see from the picture, it's awfully adorable. According to the Chicago Tribune, the public can stop by the Regenstein Center for African Apes at the zoo from 1 to 4:30 p.m. to say hello.

Unfortunately, I'm at work during that time, but I hope to make it out there sometime soon to pay my regards. I love watching the gorillas when at the zoo, which I usually visit about once a month.

Some of you, though, might be thinking that it's not worth your time. Well, I'm here to set you straight. The following are the reasons why I think you should visit the baby gorilla:

Reason No. 1: It's a baby animal. This means it is unequivocally cute and will make your day better if seen. Don't you want your day to be better?

Reason No. 2: The gorillas are the coolest residents of the zoo. Typically, they are the Justin Timberlakes of the animal kingdom — easygoing, chill, willing to do a cameo on Saturday Night Live if asked. This is your chance to see where the coolness begins.

Reason No. 3: It's a baby animal, which – along with cats – is responsible for probably about 90 percent of the traffic throughout the Internet. Baby animals and cats are the rock stars of the Internet. Just think of this as a free live concert.

Reason No. 4: The western lowland gorilla is a critically endangered species. It's always a good reminder to stop by and be reminded why conservation is important.

Reason No. 5: Once again, baby animal. Really, why wouldn't you want to stop by?

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