A few Election Day thoughts regarding the future and presidential robots

A few Election Day thoughts regarding the future and presidential robots

It's Election Day in America.

(Cue patriotic music.)

As some point tonight (oh, please don't let this drag out past tonight), half of America will be disappointed and upset. Maybe it will those crazy liberals. Maybe it will be those crazy conservatives. The other half will be exuberant.

But then tomorrow, life goes on. As will the country. We've survived Republican presidencies. We've survived Democratic presidencies. We've thrived during both, as well. A Reagan-Clinton hybrid robot, in fact, probably would take over the world. Clinton's charisma with Reagan's self-control? Other countries would be begging to join the U.S. And the Reagan-Clinton hybrid robot would welcome all – because that just how it rolls.

No matter who wins today, we'll still be marching steadily along four years from now when we have to go through this whole debacle again. We'll still be having the same arguments about social issues, the size of government and taxation. This country has always been divided to an extent. Federalist versus anti-federalist. North versus South. Republican versus Democrat. We like to argue. It's just how it is.

Eventually – though it always takes awhile – we come together and actually get stuff done. Regardless of who wins today, that's what I'll be rooting for. As well as for the emergence of the Reagan-Clinton hybrid robot.

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