If only Obama would have seen this video before his debate with Romney …

On Monday, Slate introduced its latest campaign series: Political Kombat '12.

It's a series of videos that imagines the candidates as Mortal Kombat-type characters and then has them duke it out. As far as ideas go, it falls under the So The Awesome category.

In the first two videos, including the above one, Mitt Romney easily dispatches the Republican contenders. Perhaps if President Barack Obama would have watched these videos instead of complaining about how debate prep was a drag, he would have been better prepared for the attacks that were headed his way during Wednesday night's event.

The only thing missing from the videos? A Jim Lehrer character as a ref who just stands in the background silently.

• Joe Grace is a writer and journalist who lives in Chicago with his wife. He would buy this video game if it actually came out. He's not even kidding. Learn even more about Joe by clicking on the About Joe Grace button at the top of this page.

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