Angry Birds Star Wars: 3 other games that could use a sci-fi/fantasy tie-in

Angry Birds Star Wars: 3 other games that could use a sci-fi/fantasy tie-in

It was announced yesterday that Angry Birds Star Wars would be available for download on Nov. 8.

Yes, really, Angry Birds Star Wars.

I played Angry Birds for a bit, but had to quit once I started to get the unshakeable impulse to hurl myself into wooden platforms protecting pigs. Farmers – in general – would not appreciate that.

Overall, I think it's a good idea, though the above image of Angry Bird Chewbacca is going to haunt my nightmares for weeks. It also got me thinking. What other games would benefit from a sci-fi/fantasy tie-in? Let's go through them:

1. Words With Friends Lord of the Rings – Wait, Eowyn's a word? Really? Aragorn? Grishnákh? What the heck is this game? I quit!

2. Fruit Ninja Chronicles of Narnia – I don't even know what Fruit Ninja is. I just like how these two sound paired together.

3. CityVille Dark City – Whoa, CityVille just got really real!

4. Hidden Chronicles Star Trek – Um, I can't see anything in the picture because a huge starship is blocking everything.

5. Farmville Harry Potter – Oh, no! Voldermort just ate my row of carrots!

• What do you think would be a good video game/sci-fi or fantasy tie-in? Head on over to the Going for Gusto Facebook page and post your ideas there. I'll share any ideas in this afternoon's post.

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