The 1 NFL player you need to follow on Twitter this season

The 1 NFL player you need to follow on Twitter this season

The NFL 2012-13 season begins today, which means football, fantasy football and fantasy fantasy football (if anyone can come up with fantasy fantasy football, it will be someone from Grantland.)

It also means plenty of NFL player Twitter handles to follow. If I could just recommend one, however, it would have to be @ChrisWarcraft – the Twitter handle of Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe – funny, outspoken, rocker, gamer, all-around cool dude.

The following are his five best recent posts:

1. I just stabbed some poor chicken in Guild Wars 2 for 24,990 damage. It unlocked an achievement. Your death was not in vain Sir Clucks-a-lot.

2. Irony - Watching an insurance company car cut across 3 lanes of traffic and a dirt patch off road because he almost missed his exit.

3. And let me be the first to say I don't see how anything could possibly end badly using the Internet as a crowd sourced bartender.

4. Finished the Foundation trilogy. I have to say I enjoyed them; much easier to read Asimov as a non-eight year old.

5. Do you think Buddhists use the hashtag #yolainotswyk? (You Only Live An Infinite Number Of Times So Watch Your Karma)

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