Happy birthday, H.G. Wells! The War of the Worlds 1938 radio broadcast

Today is H.G. Wells' birthday. Yeah, that H.G. Wells. The War of the Worlds H.G. Wells. You know, the guy whose work when turned into a radio play by Orson Welles sent the nation into a dither. (Now, we have competing cable news networks for that.)

I had never listened to the broadcast before, but a recent Stuff You Missed in History Class podcast on it piqued my interest. It played snippets of the show, and I was curious to hear more of it. YouTube, as usual, came through for me. (It also helped me find Dino-Riders episodes, for which I will be eternally grateful.)

If you have some time today, put on your earphones and give the above video a listen. It's pretty amazing how Orson Welles put together H.G. Wells' sci-fi story, and it's definitely worth a listen.

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