Fighting humanoid pandas in the new World of Warcraft expansion? Yes, please.

While my World of Warcraft-playing days might be over – a full-time job and keeping a blog up to date doesn't leave much time for epic orc removal – that doesn't mean I can't get a little excited about the upcoming expansion set – World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria.

A normal person might think the new expansion set looks silly. Fighting pandas? Really?

Well, one person's silly is another person's awesome. And in my world, anything involving pandas falls under the awesome category. I'm a guy who LOVES history, yet my favorite part of seeing Washington, D.C., easily was visiting the pandas at the National Zoo. Pandas that can wipe out a horde of orcs? Well, that's just a whole new awesome level of awesome.

World of Warcraft recently released its cinematic trailer for Mists of Pandaria on YouTube, so – of course – I had to watch it.

Yeah, maybe it is silly. Yeah, maybe it is ridiculous. I don't care. It's a fighting humanoid panda, and I love it.

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