Brian Wilson fired from Beach Boys. In other news, Santa Claus fired from North Pole.

Wouldn't it be nice if The Beach Boys could get along?

They've been touring with each other, so there was hope, but according to a WebProNews article, The Beach Boys member Mike Love – who controls the band (not sure how this happened; I'm blaming the now-out-of-work NFL replacement referees) – released Brian Wilson and the other members to coincide with the end of the 50th anniversary tour.

"Thanks for coming! Don't let the door hit you on the way out!"

Pet Sounds is one of my favorite albums of all times. I listen to at least one song from it just about every day since the album is on my iPod playlist. And while Love is allowed to be a jerk about this, it's disappointing to see that he has chosen to be one.

Rather than get down about it, though, I decided to watch the above promo video for Pet Sounds. I suggest you do the same.

• Joe Grace is a writer and journalist who lives in Chicago with his wife. He now will turn off shuffle function on his iPod an listen to Pet Sounds in its entirety. It will be a good afternoon.

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