We take on the traits of our favorite fiction characters? What does that mean for me?

We take on the traits of our favorite fiction characters? What does that mean for me?

The Chicago Tribune has a story on its website today, "New study says we take on the traits of our favorite fictional characters."

According to the story:

The conclusion drawn at the end of the experiment was that often times, we can take on some of the traits of fictional characters we become engrossed with, and their stories can affect our daily lives.

Ah, crap. That can't be good. Let's take a quick look at my top 10 favorite fictional characters and see where that leaves me:

1. Charlotte from "Charlotte's Web:" Smart, witty, carnivorous. [OK. I can roll with that. I like meat, though not of the insect variety.]

2. Ender Wiggin from "Ender's Game": Smart, great tactician, merciless alien killer. [At least I won't have to worry about aliens.]

3. Capt. John Joseph Yossarian from "Catch-22": Evasive, evasive, evasive. [Maybe not the best trait.]

4. Scott Summers "Cyclops" from "X-Men": Fantastic leader, shoots laser beams from eyes. [Sweet!]

5. Spike Spiegel from "Cowboy Bepop": Cool guy, gets things done when needed, has a cool outfit and green hair. [I'm in.]

6. Charlie Brown from "Peanuts": Good-hearted, not so good at the whole winning thing, balding. [Yeah, that's not sounding great.]

7. Hobbes from "Calvin & Hobbes": Tiger, imaginary. [Sure, why not?]

8. Cloud Strife from "Final Fantasy": Awesome fighter, humorless, has a ginormous sword. [Might not actually be who he says he is, though, which I'm still confused about.]

9. Encyclopedia Brown: Smart, useful, hangs out with a cool girl. [Easily my favorite traits of the bunch.]

10. Peter Pevensie from the "Chronicles of Narnia": Kingly, wise, talks to lions. [A good place to end.]

• Joe Grace is a writer and  journalist who lives in Chicago with his wife. Write to him at joewriter81@gmail.com.

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