How do you make Gangnam Style even better? Why, with Gundams, of course!

By now, the Gangnam Style video has been watched almost 75 million times. And with good reason. It's just about one of the most fantastic things ever. If you're not included among the 75 million, you need to watch the above video PRONTO.

For those who have seen it, though, I have a special treat. Gangnam Style with Gundams!

(I tried explaining Gundams to my wife this morning with limited success. "You know, it's a mech suit," didn't exactly fly as an explanation to her. "OK, it's people inside robot-like things who fight each other and stuff." She was not nearly as impressed as I thought she should be.)

In any case, eBaum's World has a parody video up of Gangnam Style involving Gundams, and it might be even better than the original. You should check it out by clicking here.

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