ESPN's NBA Trade Machine: Who wants Carlos Boozer?

ESPN's NBA Trade Machine: Who wants Carlos Boozer?

Here at Going for Gusto, I'll occasionally take a look at the NBA landscape and pick some trades I'd either like to see happen or think should happen.

This time, we're going to try to help the Bulls out by trading away Carlos Boozer and to see who – if anybody – might be willing to take him on.

If you would like to submit a potential trade for the next NBA Trade Machine column, either comment below or post on the Going for Gusto Facebook page. If I choose it, I'll be sure to credit you.

1. Carlos Boozer (Bulls) for David West and Tyler Hansbrough (Pacers):

Why the Bulls like this trade: Cap relief, cap relief, cap relief. This way, you don't have to amnesty Boozer either. And David West can be a productive power forward for what's looking to be a tougher year for the Bulls without Derrick Rose for most of it.

Why the Pacers like this trade: The Pacers are in a win-now situation, but are lacking scoring – which was evident in their playoff loss to the Heat. Boozer is an upgrade to West on that front. Boozer shoots a higher percentage from the floor and probably could play off Roy Hibbert better. This would be upgrade for them.

2. Carlos Boozer (Bulls) for Kris Humphries and MarShon Brooks (Nets)

(Note: Trade could not be completed until January because Humphries signed his contract this summer.)

Why the Bulls like this trade: Cap relief, cap relief, cap relief. And a nice shooting guard prospect in MarShon Brooks for taking on a lesser player than Boozer in Kris Humphries. (Yeah, I'm' probably dreaming on this one.)

Why the Nets like this trade: Because they're the Nets and they've already constructed just about the greatest ever good offense/bad defense team. Might as well go even further down that path at this point, which is what swapping Humphries for Boozer would accomplish. And with Joe Johnson on the team, Brooks is more expendable.

3. Carlos Boozer and Luol Deng (Bulls) for Pau Gasol and Metta World Peace (Lakers)

Why the Bulls like this trade: OK, Bulls fans. You're not going to win it all this year. Probably not the year after that either. But you have a championship-caliber player in Derrick Rose. What you don't want to do is go the same path that Cleveland Cavaliers and Orlando Magic took and fill the team with middling stars with big contracts to keep the team competitive every year. What you do want to do is pick which players you think really complement Rose, save up your money and then spend on them. This trade helps accomplish that at the small price of putting up with Metta World Peace. Gasol could possibly be signed for cheaper at the end of his current contract or could be a trade piece to help put together Rose's future team. It gets rid of the Boozer contract and Deng, who has less trade value than Gasol.

Why the Lakers like this trade: Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, Deng, Boozer, Dwight Howard. It's hard to construct a team much better than that and still keep it under the salary cap. Boozer replaces Gasol's scoring and the Magic proved by using Rashard Lewis and Ryan Anderson at the position that you don't need a good defender at power forward if you have Howard at center. More importantly, Deng – considering Lakers doctors OK his health – is a tremendous improvement over World Peace. Better defender. Better scorer. The perfect complement to the rest of his teammates. This would be one nasty team.

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