3 things from pop culture that NASA's Curiosity won't find on Mars

3 things from pop culture that NASA's Curiosity won't find on Mars
The mighty buggalo from "Futurama."

Well, it turns out those crazy folks at NASA succeeded in getting its latest rover Curiosity to the red planet despite what has been described in some circles as a ridiculously awesome landing protocol.

According to a TIME article on the landing:

The touchdown required an extraordinary sequence of events designed to slow the incoming spacecraft from a blistering 13,000 m.p.h. to 2 m.p.h. in just seven minutes. Among the new tools in play: a 51-ft.-diameter parachute with eight suspension lines — the biggest ever used in an extraterrestrial landing — and retrorockets designed to slow the craft almost to a hover. Then there was the little matter of the spacecraft’s transforming itself into a sky crane just prior to landing, using nylon cords to lower Curiosity the final 25 ft. to the ground.

Anything that involves what is essentially a Transformer (spacecraft to sky crane in this instance) is OK in my book.

Scientists are hoping the rover discovers evidence of microbial life on Mars, but here are a few things from popular culture I'm betting Curiosity won't discover on our next-door neighbor:

1. A buggalo via "Futurama": Half cow, half bug, all awesome. In "Futurama," they are native Martian animals. I would not suggest drinking their milk, however.

2. Marvin the Martian via "The Looney Tunes": Easily the most annoying character among the cartoon cast. Even more so than Tweety Bird. OK, that's a like. But still, the rover should be thankful he won't actually be there. He's very annoying.

3. "Total Recall" – But then again, movie-goers seemingly weren't able to find it either.

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