3 Olympic events that totally are not worth watching

3 Olympic events that totally are not worth watching
It doesn't seem like this guy enjoys men's boxing much, either. (Photo by David Maiolo via Wikimedia Commons.)

While last week I shared my love for the Olympics and yesterday I wrote about the five events I unexpectedly enjoyed the most, not everything about the Olympics is peaches and water polo.

There are a few events that even a die-hard Olympics fan like myself shies away from. Below are the three I like the least:

1. Men's boxing – I've not watched any of the women's boxing, yet, so I don't have any thoughts on that, but as for men's boxing – blech. Just blech. The scoring makes no sense. One guy seemingly can outbox the other guy – the point of boxing, right? – and still lose by a large margin. And the more I read about the intricacies of the scoring system and the federation behind it, the more I dislike it. I tried watching a few of the matches and came away being disgusted by the entire thing. If Americans are going to be trounced in a sport they should dominate, I'd rather they just bring baseball back.

2. Dressage – This might as well be called advanced horse trotting. If you're into horses, then maybe you're into it. I'm not into horses. And while I love that one of the participants is a 71-year-old Japanese man who looks just awesome in his hat, it's not enough to save this sport for me.

3. Field hockey – I should like field hockey. It involves a ball. It involves people swinging a wooden stick around. But I just can't get into it. While dressage seems like advanced horse trotting, field hockey seems like ice hockey for those who can't skate. I keep hoping that roller skates magically will appear on the participant's feet. This never happens. It's very disappointing.

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