'Strong!': A new Olympic documentary worth watching

I was having trouble sleeping last night, so I found myself awake and watching PBS. #firstworldproblems

Usually, a little TV is the perfect thing to help me sleep. I like having the sound on, but I can ignore it just enough to fall asleep.

That wasn't the case last night, however, as PBS was debuting "Strong!", a new documentary about former Olympic weightlifter Cheryl Haworth. I was enthralled by the documentary and watched until it was over. Who needs sleep, anyway?

According to an ESPN story about "Strong!":

The film depicts Haworth's challenges in the gym as she trains for her third Olympics while dealing with devastating injuries to her knee and shoulder, and the audience watches as Haworth struggles to find confidence in her body, given the stigmas against larger women. In one particularly poignant moment, Haworth admits to having trouble balancing her athletic success with society's norms as she comes to grips with her life beyond weightlifting.

It was a very inspiring documentary about someone doing her best to prove herself despite self-doubts. It also really makes you think about our society's body-image culture. I highly recommend it. You can see when it might be showing next by clicking here.

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