Street Fighter 2010: The toughest video game ever

Street Fighter 2010: The toughest video game ever

On Yahoo! this morning, there's a link to "10 insanely tough games."

The games listed certainly are doozies. I can attest that neither me or my brother – who was a far better gamer – ever came close to beating "Battletoads" or "Ghosts 'n Goblins," which were on the list. We couldn't beat "Battletoads" even while using the Game Genie, and "Ghosts 'n Goblins" was a particularly cruel mistress. I think we got past the second level once.

But at least those games were sort of fun. The cruelest game we ever owned for the classic Nintendo was "Street Fighter 2010."

First, let's start by saying I'm very happy the world portrayed in "Street Fighter 2010" did not come to pass. That would have been a crappy year filled with too many monsters and none of us would have been able to move quite like we wanted. Plus we would have had to wear some silly steel-like outfit. It would have clashed with everything else like the dickens.

The game sucked you in because it had the phrase "Street Fighter" in it, which even then was an awesome arcade fighting game. Then you would start playing it and quickly realize it had NOTHING to do with the arcade game other than calling its main character Ken. It was a side-scroller like "Super Mario Bros.," except the monsters in "Street Fighter 2010" actually wanted to kill you rather than aimlessly wander around minding their own business before Mario flattened them.

"Street Fighter 2010" basically consisted of jumping and dying. First you would jump. Then you would die. Then you would jump again. Then you would die again. If you really enjoyed jumping, then dying, it was the perfect game for you.

The best quote about "Street Fighter 2010" might come from its Wikipedia page.

The book Video Game Bible called the game very difficult due to both its design and unresponsive controls, adding whoever devised the concept of Ken in a side-scrolling game "is probably digging ditches somewhere in the bowels of Tokyo at this point".

Unlike with "Battletoads" and "Ghosts 'n Goblins," we quickly labeled "Street Fighter 2010" unplayable and designated it as the game we would slide over the game currently in the Nintendo so that it would stay down and work. Yes, we essentially turned it into a wedge.

It was better that way.

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