ESPN's NBA Trade Machine: The Howard firesale

ESPN's NBA Trade Machine: The Howard firesale

Here at Going for Gusto, I'll occasionally take a look at the NBA landscape and pick some trades I'd either like to see happen or think should happen.

This time, we're just going to throw some crazy stuff out there and see what happens.

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1. Dwight Howard, Jason Richardson and Chris Duhon (Magic) for Kevin Martin, Luis Scola and Kyle Lowry (Houston):

Why the Magic like this trade: Dwight wants out. The Rockets are willing to rent him. Get three good players in return and get out of the contracts of Jason Richardson and Chris Duhon and start over. Maybe ask for one of the new rookies, too. Why not?

Why the Rockets like this trade: I'm not sure, but for some reason it seems they're all in on renting Dwight for a year. This would accomplish that.

2. Pau Gasol (Lakers) for Luol Deng (Bulls), Kyle Korver (Bulls) and Taj Gibson (Bulls)

Why the Bulls like this trade: The Bulls need another true scorer, which they would get in Gasol, who would make Gibson expendable. It seems they've soured on Deng, so this would probably be the best return they could get for him.

Why the Lakers like this trade: A needed wing player in Deng. A good young power forward in Gibson who would match with Bynum. And yes, Kyle Korver is just a throw in to make the salaries match.

3. Amare Stoudemire (Knicks) for Rashard Lewis (Hornets)

Why the Knicks like this trade: Anthony, Stoudemire, Chandler will not win you a championship. They just won't. Blow it up, start over with Anthony and Chandler and dump Stoudemire for the expiring contract of Lewis.

Why the Hornets like this trade: This is a win-win. Either Stoudemire helps you immediately turn into a contender or by the time your young players in Anthony Davis, Austin Rivers and Eric Gordon really start shining, you can use his (then) expiring contract to bring them other help. Unfortunately, Lewis has been released since writing this. That was quick. Oh, well.

4. Mike Miller (Heat) for Tayshaun Prince (Pistons)

Why the Heat like this trade: Doesn't Prince just seem like he's destined for the Heat? Let's just go ahead and make it happen.

Why the Pistons like this trade: Miller might retire soon and that's cap savings. About the best the Pistons can hope for.

5. Blake Griffin (Clippers) and Caron Butler (Clippers) for Andre Iguodala (76ers)

Why the Clippers like this trade: It's a better-constructed team. It just is.

Why the 76ers like this trade: Not going anywhere as is. Might as well get one of the more popular players in Griffin.

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