Best Wisconsin butter burger not too far from Chicago

Best Wisconsin butter burger not too far from Chicago
A butter burger (easy on the butter) at Solly's Grille in Milwaukee. (Photo by Joe Grace)

I love burgers, however I don't eat them very often these days – maybe one ever six months or so – since as I get older I prefer my arteries run more like an empty lazy river than a sink pipe at a busy restaurant.

But because I eat burgers so infrequently, when I do have one, it better be an experience. A fast-food burger simply won't do.

This past weekend, one of those occasions arose when I had a chance to try what was reportedly one of the best butter burgers in America according to reputable Internet research. (I Googled it.)

The place is Solly's Grille in Milwaukee. My wife and I were in the area for a wedding and were looking for a place to eat on Sunday before heading to Sprecher Brewing Company for a tour of where they make their amazing root beer. My cellphone wisely alerted me to Solly's Grille and after quickly reading a few reviews, off we went.

Luckily, we sat near a local couple who guided me in my butter burger approach.

Tip No. 1: Ask for the "easy butter." Otherwise, the woman told me, they'd put a slab of butter the size of Green Bay with the burger.

Tip No. 2: You really might want to pay attention to Tip No. 1.

I went with the "easy butter."

Now, I've had "butter burgers" before, having been a frequent visitor to Culver's a few years ago before a not-so-good doctor's visit prompted me to re-evaluate my eating decisions. I was a big fan of the Culver's butter burger, especially since they were one of the first marvelous things I discovered upon moving to northern Illinois after college.

But the "butter burger" at Solly's Grille simply outclasses it. Mostly because of the grilled onions, which just pair perfectly with it. Some people look for the perfect wine to pair with a food item. I look for the perfect accoutrements. And the grilled onions did their work here, adding a sweet tang to the already delicious burger. I'm going to have to stop thinking about it if I want to hold off until 2013 for my next burger.

I finished my burger quickly, ate a few fries and then we headed out the door so that we could make it to Sprecher on time for our tour, very happy with our choice of restaurant. If you're only going to have one burger every six months or so, there's a lot worse places you could choose to go.

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