Drunk Baby: How you, too, can jump on a meme bandwagon

Drunk Baby: How you, too, can jump on a meme bandwagon

From Business Cat to Futurama Fry to Pepper Spraying Cop, it seems a new meme pops up every week to flood our email inboxes and Facebook news feeds.

One of the latest is Drunk Baby, a picture of an infant looking, well, a little past the limit next to a big glass of beer. Some of the results, as seen in the link, are pretty funny.

At this point, I will repeat what the Huffingon Post wrote in its post on Drunk Baby, verbatim:

(Important editor's note: Of course, feeding a child alcohol is no laughing matter. This baby only appears to be drunk.)

But perhaps you're tired of just being an observer of the latest fad meme. Perhaps you might be thinking to yourself: "Hey. That looks fun. I want to join in. I want to jump on the meme bandwagon."

Well, good news. Occasionally here at Going for Gusto, I provide actual answers to questions. It's seldom, but it has been known to happen. And in this case, I can teach you how to join in on the meme fun.

Step 1: Find an original photo of the meme that is going around. Try a Google image search. In Drunk Baby's case, zipmeme.com has an original image we can use.

Step 2: Save the file to your desktop.

Step 3: Find a meme generator you enjoy using. I personally use Memecrunch.com, so we'll use that as an example.

Step 4: Using Memecrunch.com, we click on the red "Generate a meme!" button.

Step 5: Click on "custom image."

Step 6: Upload the photo you saved from your desktop.

Step 7: Think of something witty and/or irreverent to say around the photo, using the top text and bottom text bars. Then click on "next."

Congratulations! You are now a proud member of that meme's bandwagon. Rinse, wash and repeat. And enjoy being snarky to your heart's content.

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