Ah, the glory of the cherry pie

Ah, the glory of the cherry pie
Photo by Bill Hogan/Chicago Tribune

On Father's Day, my wife and I spent the day at my her parents' house where her dad grilled for the family. Chicken, potato salad and corn on the cob. All of it delicious.

But the best was saved for last – a homemade cherry pie he had whipped up.

If I were a superhero, cherry pie would be kryptonite. My arch-nemesis simply would have to hold a cherry pie hostage, and I would let the villain take over the world. Just don't hurt the cherry pie!

I very rarely get homemade cherry pie, however. It's a little advanced for my baking level – putting canned chocolate chip cookies on a baking sheet – so I must depend on the goodness of others.

This is probably for the best. If given the opportunity, I'm fairly sure I would have it for dessert every night. And since you must have ice cream with cherry pie, soon I would be as round as a cherry pie. But as a every-one-in-awhile treat? Perfection!

Unfortunately, not as many people will get to enjoy a homemade cherry pie this year. Chicago Tribune contributor Peggy Wolff delved deeper into this in a great article on the cherry pie last week.

I know sour cherries are a pain to pit. Whatever. Consider yourself lucky to find them at all because farmers are expecting a fraction of their normal crop this summer because of buds lost to frost. Though I am a lover of the fresh cherry, this season I have no disputes with the quick frozen sort. That pie still puts nearly any truck stop one to shame, containing more goodness and deliciousness than the sum of its parts.

While the frozen variety certainly will do in a pinch, nothing beats fresh homemade. Luckily, my father-in-law found some sour cherries through one of his mysterious sources. (A mystery mostly because I didn't ask him.) The results were predictably wonderful as it turns out he makes one heck of a mean cherry pie – tart, sweet, flaky, fantastic – I'm getting hungry again just thinking about it.

I probably won't get to eat another slice of homemade cherry pie this summer, but that's OK. It's only a few short months until pumpkin-pie and apple-pie season. And yes, both of those are would be kryptonite to the superhero version of myself, as well.

The lesson in all of this, of course? It's a good thing I'm not a superhero.

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