100 foods to eat before you die … and where to find them in Chicago: Honeycomb to Mimosa

100 foods to eat before you die … and where to find them in Chicago: Honeycomb to Mimosa
Honeycomb. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Once upon a time, somebody created "The Food List Challenge," a selection of 100 foods and drinks that the author believed everyone should try before they die.

I looked through the list recently and discovered there were many I had not tried – and some that I didn't even know where I could try them at. So, I decided to find out:

51. Honeycomb: Ah, the favorite meal of that king among mammals – the honey badger. Supposedly, honeycomb is fantastic when paired with ricotta. So good, in fact, the ricotta and honeycomb at DiSotta Enoteca, 200 E. Chestnut St., was named was of the "100 best things we ate (and drank) in 2011" by Time Out Chicago.

52. Hostess Fruit Pie: All you need to know about the Hostess Fruit Pie can be summed up in this quote from a Serious Eats blog: "And then we unleashed the partially hydrogenated horror within the paper wrapper." You can find these at any grocery or convenience store. By the way, they are not as good as you remember them as a kid.

53. Huevos Rancheros: While it turns out there is a Canadian instrumental rock band with this name, in this case we're talking about the Mexican breakfast dish. We will again turn to Time Out Chicago for help in finding the best places to get huevos rancheros in Chicago. I especially like Time Out Chicago's description of the huevos rancheros at Uncommon Ground, 3800 N. Clark St. and 1401 W. Devon Ave.

54. Jerk Chicken: One of my favorite spices is just delicious with chicken. And if you're looking for jerk chicken in Chicago, you might as well go to the restaurant that specializes in it – Tropic Island Jerk Chicken, 553 E. 79th St. Serious Eats also had some seriously good things to say about the restaurant.

55. Kangaroo: Chicago has had its run-ins with kangaroos before – specifically a phantom kangaroo. But if you prefer your kangaroo in burger form rather than phantom form, hop on over to the Hop Haus, 646 North Franklin St. or 7545 North Clark St., where they serve the Australian mammal between two buns.

56. Key Lime Pie: I'm going to go with two reader recommendations for this one. @NatCammarata recommended Joe's Stone Crab, 60 East Grand Ave. They even provide instructions on how to make their key lime pie at home. And my wife is partial to the key lime pie at RL, 115 East Chicago Ave., praising the pie for its ginger-snap crust.

57. Kobe Beef: This highfalutin cut of meat can be found at a couple of restaurants in Chicago. The three I've seen mentioned the most, however, are Japonais, 600 W. Chicago Ave.; Saloon Steakhouse, 200 E. Chestnut St.; and Yoshi's Cafe, 3257 North Halsted St..

58. Lassi: A popular yogurt-based Indian drink, I always try to order this when I have the opportunity. If you're looking for the best mango lassi in Chicago, SAPNA magazine recommends none other than Sabri Nihari, 2502 West Devon Ave.

59. Lobster: If you're looking for the best place to get lobster in Chicago, Haute Living magazine seems to be a good place to start. No. 1 on its list is L2O, 2300 N. Lincoln Park West.

60. Mimosa: Along with the Bloody Mary, the mimosa is the alcoholic drink of choice with brunch. One such brunch aficionado is Jessica Zweig with Cheeky Chicago, who enjoyed the make-your-own mimosa bar at Boundary, 1932 West Division St.



• Joe Grace is a writer and longtime journalist who lives in Chicago. Write to him at joewriter81@gmail.com. He has tried a Hostess Fruit Pie, jerk chicken, key lime pie, lassi, lobster and a mimosa. But not consecutively in that order. If you haven't yet, please like Going for Gusto on Facebook or follow me on Twitter.

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