Quoridor: A board game you need to try

Quoridor: A board game you need to try

I got the opportunity to play Quoridor on Friday night when my wife and I spent the evening hanging out with another couple. And – I must say – I would highly suggest it to anyone who likes board games in which you need to think a bit before you make your move.

There's just one piece you move and the goal is to get it to the other side of the board. Sounds easy, right? Except both you and your opponent(s) have wall pieces that can be used on the board to block movement. It's a little like the cycle battles in "Tron," except Jeff Bridges isn't lurking nearby.

I won the first game by either beginner's luck or my opponent being nice and then promptly lost the next two, but that was OK. I enjoyed trying to figure out ways to get to the other side and block my opponent with walls at the same time.

Now at home and having had a chance to read a bit up on Quoridor on Wikipedia, I now know that there are two strategies useful for winning – the Reed Opening or The Schiller Opening. Unfortunately, I used the Grace Opening, which consists of randomly moving my piece without thinking.

Despite the losses, I'll be looking forward to playing this game the next chance I get. And maybe this time I'll use something other than the Grace Opening.

• Joe Grace is a writer who lives in Chicago with his wife. He used to play Stratego with brother all the time. It was awesome. You can write to him at joewriter81@gmail.com.

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