ESPN's NBA Trade Machine returns: Five trades that should be made today

ESPN's NBA Trade Machine returns: Five trades that should be made today

Here at Going for Gusto, I'll occasionally take a look at the NBA landscape and pick some trades I'd either like to see happen or think should happen.

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1. Carmelo Anthony (Knicks) for Deron Williams (Nets):

Why the Knicks like this trade: The Knicks have been a losing team since getting Carmelo Anthony, going 20-22 since the trade. While defense was the initial problem, this year the offense hasn't been that great either. They rank 22nd in the league in ESPN's John Hollinger's offensive efficiency rankings, worse than – yes – the New Jersey Nets. The Anthony-Amar'e Stoudemire pairing just doesn't seem to work. So, switch it up. Bring in a point guard who can bring the best out of Stoudemire and recent addition Tyson Chandler. If the team improves after the trade, I think they would have a good chance of signing Williams at the end of the season, as well.

Why the Nets like this trade: It's time to stop waiting for the Dwight Howard miracle. They're moving to Brooklyn next year. They need to sell tickets. And they're going to bank their future on the whims of Orlando Magic GM Otis Smith, the man who traded for Gilbert Arenas last year? Really? Really? For the Nets' dream situation to work they have to hope Otis doesn't trade Dwight to someone who can give the Magic more and that Dwight still wants to come to the Nets as a free agent despite what is expected to be an atrocious season for them. And with no Dwight, Williams probably bolts after this season. Melo is signed for a few years, he has star power and the Nets with Carmelo, Brook Lopez and MarShon Brooks is better than one with Williams, Brook Lopez and MarShon Brooks. I'd rather have Melo for sure and build from there than the possibility of Dwight and Williams.

2. Ray Allen (Celtics) for Taj Gibson (Bulls), C.J. Watson (Bulls) and Ronnie Brewer (Bulls)

Why the Bulls like this trade: Ray Allen is the perfect piece for the Bulls, a dead-eye shooter who matches well with Rose's ability to drive and kick. (I'm sorry, but you can't trust Rip Hamilton. You just can't.) To get him would be expensive, though, since it would almost certainly require Gibson. If it doesn't work, Allen comes off the books this year and the Bulls will have some free-agent spending money. It's a risk, but who would your rather have in a playoff series against the Heat: Allen or Gibson?

Why the Celtics like this trade: It's rebuilding time. Taj Gibson is a pretty good piece to get for Ray Allen. Could they get a better piece somewhere else? Maybe. Maybe not. Having to take on Brewer and Watson as well, though, might not be to the Celtics' liking.

3. Monta Ellis (Warriors) for Danny Granger (Pacers)

Why the Pacers like this trade: I read earlier this week that if the Pacers were looking to trade Granger, either Eric Gordon or Monta Ellis would be good trade pieces for him. While I like Gordon a lot better than Ellis, especially with bringing him back to his Indiana roots, I don't understand why the Hornets would trade him to the Pacers. The Pacers would have better luck I think trading Granger to the Warriors for Ellis.

Why the Warriors like this trade: Stephen Curry (if healthy, I know) makes the loss of Ellis more palatable, especially if you're getting a bigger player in Granger. New Warriors coach Mark Jackson has been preaching defense and while neither Ellis or Granger are defensive stoppers, Granger has more potential to be one.

4. Steve Nash (Suns), Josh Childress (Suns) and Channing Frye (Suns) for Jason Kidd (Mavericks), Shawn Marion (Mavericks) and Ian Mahinmi (Mavericks)

Why the Suns like this trade: Steve Nash should have a chance to go for a championship and the Suns at this point are better off blowing everything up and starting over. The trade would allow them to get out of the horrible Josh Childress and Channing Frye contracts while getting back two that expire at the end of this year and Shawn Marion, who can be a good leader for what's going to be a very young team. There might be better trades for Nash, but I'd love to see him back with the Mavericks.

Why the Mavericks like this trade: I've read in a couple of places that the plan is to let whatever happens this season happen and then go full bore after Deron Williams and Dwight Howard if both become free agents at the end of the season. Again, do you really want to base your future on the whims of Otis Smith? Bringing Steve Nash on would be expensive with the addition of Childress and Frye, but it would be worth it for another title run this year. Lamar Odom will eventually go back to his statistical norm, effectively replacing Marion, and Frye can fill in for Mahinmi. If it doesn't work, there will still be enough cap money to go after Dwight or Deron if either become a free agent at the end of the season.

5. Dwight Howard (Magic), Chris Duhon (Magic), Quentin Richardson (Magic) and Luis Scola (Rockets) to Lakers; Andrew Bynum (Lakers), Derek Fisher (Lakers), Matt Barnes (Lakers) and Kyle Lowry (Rockets) to Magic; Pau Gasol (Lakers) to Rockets

Why the Magic like this trade: It's time to get three-team crazy. I don't believe the Magic should trade Howard. I'd rather seem them try to go deep in the playoffs and hope the extra money convinces Dwight to stay. But if they do trade him, I think this would be the best they could get. Andrew Bynum has the potential to fill the hole Dwight would leave, though the injury risk is high. And the other big get here is Kyle Lowry, who can challenge a struggling Jameer Nelson for point guard minutes. They would add Matt Barnes as a defensive stopper and shed the awful contract of Chris Duhon.

Why the Lakers like this trade: Gasol and Bynum for Howard and Hedo Turkoglu? No dice for the Lakers. Gasol and Bynum for Howard and Scola? Hmmm. It would cost them taking back Chris Duhon for Fisher, a wash, really, but the reward of Howard, Scola and Bryant would worth be it.

Why the Rockets like this trade: They were reportedly ready to trade Kevin Martin, Luis Scola and a first-round draft pick for Pau Gasol. This is a cheaper deal for Gasol. They keep Martin and the first-round draft pick and give up Lowry instead.

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