How to make it to 30 without visiting the dry cleaners

How to make it to 30 without visiting the dry cleaners

Somehow, I've never taken clothes to the dry cleaners before.

I am 30 years old. I realize this is not a good thing to admit to.

Now, my clothes have visited the dry cleaners before, specifically my suit, but I've never been the one to take them. I'd see my wife with a bundle of clothes in her arm head out of the apartment and would ask her, ever so nicely, if she would mind taking my suit, as well.

I know a few people who have their clothes professional cleaned all the time. My wife is one of these. I, however, am not. I've always figured that if the washer and dryer were good enough for my ancestors, they're good enough for me.

But then, a few weeks ago, I shrunk my new sweater. My new sweater that just happens to be made out of 100 percent wool. My new sweater made out of 100 percent wool that was never meant to be placed in a washer and then a dryer. It now might fit Teddy Ruxpin, but it certainly doesn't fit me.

I went on the Internet to look for a home remedy for a shrunken sweater and after looking through a few that called for purchasing items, finally found one that involved warm water and conditioner, both items I have easy access to. And it had the desired result. If the desired result was to have my still-shrunken sweater smell like hair product, that is.

Too late I realized the value of the dry cleaners.

So, today, I sucked it up and took my suit to the dry cleaners by myself. My sweaters will be headed there soon.

As for the shrunken sweater, well, it's still hanging up in my closet. And it still smells like hair product. Hopefully, I soon will be able to write about my first time successfully stretching out a sweater. Which I'll then take to the dry cleaners the next time.

• Joe Grace is a writer who lives in Chicago with his wife. On Friday, he'll have a clean suit. Woo hoo! Write to him at


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