Another boring hairstyle? Or should I dare to dream big?

Another boring hairstyle? Or should I dare to dream big?

I'm not particularly particular about where I get my hair cut. My general rule is that if the store owns scissors and there is someone in that store that has cut hair before, well, then we're all good. Let's get this party started.

In fact, I usually just go to the first place I see, which today happened to be Supercuts, a place I had never tried before. It was a fine haircut. I very rarely have one that isn't. But it did get me thinking about hair styles.

My style is fairly easy. I hold my fingers apart an inch or two to let the barber or stylist – depending on where I go – know how long I want it. Then I tell them I want a No. 4 on the sides and back. I'm not really sure what No. 4 means, but my hair comes out OK when I say that. When we're done, I muss my hair up a bit and I'm ready to go.

Occasionally, I will stray from this. I kept a little more length when I got my hair cut before my wedding. And I got my hair buzzed once just to see what it looked like. (Not good.) But I typically ask for the same thing every time.

In some video games, you can customize your character. Invariably, when I play one of these games, I go for one of the wilder hairstyles. I especially like mohawks when available. Yet, I have never considered getting a mohawk in real life, even during the confused clothing choices of my college days when I thought ties and T-shirts were a good pairing. One, it would look terrible on me. And I really didn't need another reason beyond that.

I've only done two things to my hair that even somewhat compare to a mohawk:

1. I put rubber bands in my hair once because for some reason it was cool to do for like one week in high school. Putting rubber bands in your hair hurts. I wouldn't recommend.

2. I accidentally turned my hair orange in college when my roommate and I got bored one night and decided to dye our hair blonde. Ah, college.

And that's about it. Other than that, my hair has always been slightly boring. But it's me. And I'm OK with that. I'll leave the mohawks for the video games.

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