Quote of the Day: "The Greatest Amount of Healing Takes Place During the Greatest Pain"

"The greatest amount of healing takes place during the greatest pain" - Dad

Coming from my 70-year-old father at the time who had just undergone sextuple bypass surgery with many complications, including probably the most amount of pain he has ever experienced in his life, to his daughter who was going through one of the most emotionally difficult times of my life.

My second blood heart~

My second blood heart~

My dad's words were profound at at time I needed them most.  And our pain was quite parallel.

My father had a literal broken heart, and I a figurative one.

But the emotions surrounding my broken heart,  did not only entail a break-up, but a sorting through many emotions that seemed to be surfacing from my past, and with those emotions surfaced so many false belief systems that I had believed my whole life. Navigating through such emotions is an arduous and horrific experience especially when one has been beaten up by life.

Coming from a home where I felt like nothing I ever did was good enough, and yet somehow I was too much.  Too emotional.  Too needy. Too whatever.  Fill in the blanks.

I understand now that as a child, we perceive things much differently than they really are.  But with a developing brain, and an evolving emotional self, if a child does not have the basic needs met, or boundaries are crossed, the brain will take the most efficient route to protect itself.

Although survival techniques may be beneficial while young, they can be quite destructive to oneself or interpersonal relationships as an adult.

What pain are you hiding from today?  Do you face your pain head on or avoid it for a little while longer, just for those emotions to surface once again?  True healing may cause a temporary amount of pain that may seem unbearable, but with the help of God --"The Counselor," (John 14:26)  a strong support system and the right therapist, you can indeed untangle those false belief systems you believe about yourself or that distort the world around you.

As my ministry leader, Kathy Eastman, said during a three-part-series on depression during our women's midweek, you wouldn't let your kids drive, nor would you put them in the trunk.  So why would we do this with emotions?

What is the truth today?  Have you asked God to show you?

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