God Goes Digital: Variety PURPOSE Partners with 'Going Digital For His Kingdom' at First Ever Annual Event

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It’s becoming real. God is going digital.

In the Old Testament, God resided in the Ark of the Covenant (Exodus 25:1-22), in a burning flame when he appeared to Moses, (Exodus 3) and then although David wanted to build him a dwelling, God prophesied that David’s son, Solomon, would be one of the greatest kings to ever lived and would build a dwelling for him. (2 Samuel 7:1-17)

Then Jesus came to earth and declared that God would send the Holy Spirit, the Counselor (or Advocate in the newer NIV versions) (John 14:26) to reside in our hearts.

And now, God is going digital. It only makes sense in a world that revolves around computers, technology, tablets, social media, online communities, spaces and services.

The first-annual "Going Digital for His Kingdom" conference will be taking place in popular cities around the U.S. to educate attendees on the significance of using social media,  and other digital marketing techniques to engage, grow and mobilize online faith communities.

The conference series will take place in Chicago (June 23-25), Washington, D.C. (August 11-13), Nashville (October 6-8), Las Vegas (November 10-12) and Miami (November 17-19).

Inspirational author and founder of the MOSAIC church in Los Angeles, Erwin McManus, will serve as the keynote speaker at the event

Media Partners

Media Partners

in all cities.

Erwin McManus is the author of several books, including his most recent title "Artisan Soul: Crafting your Life into a Work of Art."

McManus has spoken to more than one million people in over 50 countries. "We live in a new reality where the virtual world and social media are open to those who will pioneer new communities," McManus said of today’s growing digital landscape. "This moment is rich with opportunity and possibilities."

Because of current trends and success on the big screen—faith-based films in Hollywood—and television shows, "Going Digital for His

Kingdom" will partner with Variety’s PURPOSE Summit.

Official Sponsors

Official Sponsors

PURPOSE is Variety's family entertainment and faith-based conference. The partnership with

PURPOSE will feature a special discussion at the summit’s marketing panel. The panel will highlight the importance of reaching out to the faith community and garnishing continuing support.

"Social media is a powerful tool that can unite faith, entertainment and evangelism," said Variety's PURPOSE representative.

Going Digital for His Kingdom offers a variety of attendance options including all-access passes, church packages and special pricing for seminary students. Tickets for individual workshops and speaking sessions are also available.

For registration information, workshop details and hotel recommendations, visit GoingDigitalForHisKingdom.com.

Use the code word Massey for up to 50 percent savings on your tickets!  This will surely be an awesome event!

Interested participants may also contact Vision of Twelve, LLC via email at brook@visionoftwelve.com or by calling (915) 231-6200.

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