Do You Have an Accurate Picture of God?

“Most people are casual about God because they don’t have an accurate picture of him.” ~ Francis Chan I have been listening to a lot of Francis Chan lately. Not sure if anyone has noticed…. Chan describes God straight from Isaiah 6 and Revelation 4 in a way I have never quite heard in the... Read more »

Five Reasons You Should Serve the Poor Now

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“Are you more concerned with your standard of living or for those starving to actually live?” ~ Francis Chan Lately I have, in an effort to grow closer to God, or “to run after him as fast as I can and see who follows” (I do not know the author of this great saying), I... Read more »

Why I Took the Ice Bucket Challenge: Raising Awareness for ALS

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I did it. Yes, I was nominated to take the ice bucket challenge and I accepted.  At 7:30pm CST in mid-August, I dumped a bucket full of ice water over my head. I know it’s not December, but all the same, a bucket full of ice water is a bucket full of ice water. What... Read more »

Francis Chan: 'No Spirit-Filled Couple in All of History Has Gotten a Divorce'

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I have never been married, nor have I ever been engaged.  But I do know that if I were to partake in such a sacred bond, I would hope to have what Lisa and Francis Chan have: A devout love for one another because they love God first and keep his mission in mind as... Read more »

A Tribute to Robin Williams, a Comedian and Philanthropist: Crazy Charities Worth Your Time

“You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.” – Robin Williams   Robin Williams, or arguably the comedian of the century, made people laugh, cry and pee in their pants.  Known for his role and voice in  Mrs. Doubtfire, or for more serious roles such as his performance in drama, “Good... Read more »

A General List of Things You Should Avoid Doing at All Costs

Guest Post by Caroline (Carrie Forrest): My wonderful, crazy and hilarious co-worker I thought this list of things “to avoid at all costs” would be something to help you get through the work week. This post really has nothing to do with God sending me hearts except that laughter is good for the soul.  In... Read more »

What Forgiveness Really Looks Like

Have you ever royally messed up?  Have you ever felt the sting of regret like a punch in the stomach? I have. In fact, I think I sometimes seemingly keep punching myself in the stomach because it is hard for me to fathom what real forgiveness looks like. People preach about, write about and talk... Read more »

Britt Nicole Wants You to Walk on the Water Too

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It’s so easy to get washed up in insecurities, and as a result to want to hide in shame.  I know when this happens, it’s easy to become self-focused, and forget amidst the struggle what we were made for.  We were made for heaven, not for the momentary struggles that seem so paramount at the... Read more »

God Goes Digital: Variety PURPOSE Partners with 'Going Digital For His Kingdom' at First Ever Annual Event

It’s becoming real. God is going digital. In the Old Testament, God resided in the Ark of the Covenant (Exodus 25:1-22), in a burning flame when he appeared to Moses, (Exodus 3) and then although David wanted to build him a dwelling, God prophesied that David’s son, Solomon, would be one of the greatest kings... Read more »

Q&A with a ChicagoNow Blogger: Rhonda Stern, Gifted Matters

Being gifted is no laughing matter.  Neither is “the-not-so-gifted.” Rather, the problem according to ChicagoNow blogger, Rhonda Stern, who writes for a blog called, “Gifted Matters,” is that kids these days are just not challenged. Yes, that includes those kids who are thrown into the “not-so-gifted” category by school systems, the companies who write and... Read more »