My Guilty Pleasures

So for Blogapalooza this month, where we are given a topic to write about and 1 hour to write it, the challenge was to passionately defend our guilty pleasure. It could be a food, movie, hobby, anything that probably only we actually enjoy.

It was actually hard for me to come up with something because I don’t really look at anything I do as a guilty pleasure. I will openly talk about my musical tastes or movies. I’ll defend my sappiness and my love for chick flicks.

So I guess I will just come up with a quick list of my guilty pleasures. None of the things on this list will surprise any of my friends but feel free to poke fun. I am sure you have your own list somewhere.

My Guilty Pleasures

-Barry Manilow
Yep, I am a Fanilow. I have seen him in concert and I have the CD box collection. The man writes the songs that make the whole world sing for Pete’s sake.

-Steel Magnolias
Seen the movie a million times and I can basically recite the entire thing. I named this movie but I could pretty much throw any tear-jerker in this category. Terms of Endearment is a close second to this movie. Jack Nicholson is in that so it can't be totally girlie!

-Talking on the phone
I am one of the few guys that likes to talk on the phone. Prior to texting, I would actually be talking on the phone all the time. Now it’s been replaced with my cell phone but I could gab all day.

-Air Supply, Abba, and The Carpenters
Yes, I know the words to most of all of their songs. Before you start laughing at me, I’ll bet you do too.

-I do an incredible Opera Man
Now this is something that only those living in Casa DeLuca get to fully experience but there are times that conversations just sound better in an opera voice. Sorry, no requests. It just happens sometimes. I haven’t broken into Riverdance yet but you never know.

Well, that’s all I am going to reveal for now. What guilty pleasure are you keeping to yourself?


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