Detroit Is Broke But The Tigers Can Pay Miguel Cabrera Almost $30 Million A Season

Correct me if I am wrong but didn’t I read that Detroit is bankrupt? I know that their firefighters are working in gear that is unsafe because the city won’t but new stuff that is safe. I keep hearing about businesses leaving the city that used to rank towards the top cities in the country. It certainly seems like the city is broke. It would make sense that the people there probably can't afford the high price of baseball games, at least on a regular basis.


So how is it that we keep hearing about how broke the city is, but their baseball team, who I would think, makes money off the people that live in the city, is able to afford to pay one, ONE, of their players, the highest paid salary in the game of baseball? Almost #$30 million per season in fact. I just don’t get it.

I am huge baseball fan but this just seems crazy. Didn’t Detroit pay attention to Albert Pujols and the Angels? An awful lot of money to not make the post season.

Honestly I have never been to Detroit. This situation just boggles my mind though. I have nothing personally against the city at all. Well, being a Chicago Blackhawks fan, I have to say “Detroit Sucks” to the Red Wings but other than that, I have nothing against them. Actually 2 of my favorite people in the world, close friends of mine, have come out of Detroit. They live in the Chicago area now but they are both proud to say they are from there.

Perhaps it’s time that the people running the city of Detroit get together with whoever is running the Tigers because they certainly seem to know where to find money in the Detroit area.

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