When Did “The Biggest Loser” Become About Healthy Weight Loss Anyway?

So by now you have probably heard about the latest season finale of The Biggest Loser. If you didn’t, here it is in a nutshell. People feel the winner lost too much weight. Yes, you read that right.


What people fail to remember is that it's a television game show. The contestants on there start out trying to lose weight but get sucked in to the game aspect of the show as the season goes on. Health takes a back seat to product placement and winning the prize.

I love seeing the transformations and the lives change too but remember that in the end it's a GAME SHOW with a big prize! The show cares about ratings, period. The 3 contestants in the finals care about winning, period. $250,000 is a lot of money and if someone makes it into the finals, they will do whatever they need to do to win. Who are we to judge how they lost it or if they will even keep it off.

Almost every finale has the contestants looking too thin. Every season. They are trying to win a prize. It's a game show, not a reality weight loss special. Did everyone have this big an issue when the show tried to pull a fast one while driving an at home runner a few miles in his marathon? Here is the link so you can see it for yourself.

Biggest Loser At Home Marathon Scandal

There have been contestants drinking water to throw weigh-ins, supplements, whatever. Its a REALITY GAME SHOW WITH A PRIZE! People will do whatever to win. This show is about as close to being about health as diet coke is. It's a game show, period. The fact that we get to see lives transformed is a bonus but in the end, there is a really huge prize that people will do whatever it takes to win. Look at all the game play that has happened over the years. Was that all about health too?

Let’s stop judging this contestant for being too skinny or not being too skinny or having a disorder or trying too hard to win or not. In the end, it’s a game show. It has never pretended to be anything but that.


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